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Sally Ride was the first woman in space, right? Actually, she wasn't! Separate fact from fiction about some of the most intriguing STEM trivia. (The correct answer: she was third.)

MySpace, which used to be the most popular social networking website in the world, has a new celebrity owner: Lady Gaga.

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Every 17 years, so many cicada take over the Northeast United States, from North Carolina to Connecticut, that people are outnumbered 600-to-1 by the bugs.

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Summer & Weekend Camps for STEM

What did you do on your summer vacation? Next fall, your answer could be: “I worked at NASA to design a space exploration mission.” Or, “I designed a video game. Wanna play?” Or even, “I trained to be a fighter pilot.”

We’ve compiled a list of camps for girls who love science, technology, engineering and math who want to explore.

  • STEMinism: Analyzing Obstacles
    If you’ve ever played with dolls or seen your brother playing with construction toys like Legos,...
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  • Meet D’Na
    Hello there! My name is D’Na (pronounced Dee-nah), and I am the newest member of the...
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  • Follow Your Passion, Try New Experiences and Enjoy The Ride
    I am a scientist. But if you had asked a 15 year-old me what I was...
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  • Understanding Adaption: A Trip to Teapa, Mexico
    I am fascinated by the variation that is present in the natural world. This fascination has...
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Career Tip: Don’t be quite so social on social media. You want your friends to know all about how crazy last Saturday night got…you do not want a potential employer to have any clue. Also, don’t assume that bosses or bosses-to-be want to be contacted by text or addressed as “u” or with a smiley face—always use formal language and traditional ways of communication (like emails, phone and memos) unless they tell you otherwise.
L’Oréal and the Science of Beauty

At L’Oréal, we don’t just depend on science, we believe in science. It’s science that can turn the impossible into the possible, turn a dream into a reality, and in turn, reinvent our future. But none of this is conceivable without the curiosity and creativity of those behind the science: scientists themselves. They are the ones who dream and inspire. So why is there a shortage of women that pursue the field? That is why we at L’Oréal have created a community for girls who love science and a place for them to dream big. That place is For Girls in Science.

Great STEM Careers

STEM Career Image

What do you want to be when you grow up? The passions that inspire you today could inspire your career choice tomorrow. Hall of Fame Inventor Esther Takeuchi was drawn to inventing by her innate sense of fun. “I’m really driven by curiosity,” Takeuchi has said. “A lot of times, people who aren’t scientists don’t realize the level of creativity and novelty that’s involved in scientific experiments." With 145 patents on her resume, she’s at work perfecting the electric car battery of the future. But it all began with a little girl’s love for asking, “why?”

Dr. Antonia Coello Novello developed a passion for medicine after losing her father at the age of four and suffering illness herself, as a child.

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